Connect and collaborate in a creative, productive space.

Bringing people together to work with passion and inspiration.

At Co-Work Orange, we understand the struggles of working from home, cafe-hopping and being your own boss. We get that wearing all the hats in your business – from producing the work, to marketing, to sales, to accounts – is challenging and isolating. When you’re on your own, it’s easy for motivation to waver. We totally feel you. We’ve been there, and that’s why we started this space. To be more productive, with better time management. To be amongst like-minded people. When you work in a dynamic environment, you get into your flow. That’s when ideas become reality and you achieve big things!

Co-Work Orange Ethos

Our Mission

To bring people together to work with passion and inspiration.

Our Culture

The driving force behind all we do is to provide a culture that celebrates awesomeness. We’re all doing great work, making a difference in our own way. At Co-Work Orange, we recognise that and shout it from the rooftops!

Our People

We are three individual local businesswomen – Shah Alford, Joanne McRae and Hayley Barrett – sharing a vision of getting small business owners out of their home and into a community of like-minded people.

Our Community

Co-Work Orange unites small business owners in a community of togetherness. Where we can work, share, learn, grow, inspire, create and achieve. We make getting up to go to work fun.

Single Day


Come and go as you please with our single day hot desk option. If you keep finding yourself scanning social media, rearranging the furniture, or being constantly interrupted by family and friends dropping, this provides the head space you need to actually get your work done. There’s no lock-in contracts and no fixed days.

Dedicated Desk


Let’s be honest. Working from home plain and simply, sucks. We know, because we’ve been there, never to go there again. And there’s only so much coffee one can drink before it becomes a bit expensive setting up shop in local cafes. This is the ideal option if your business is a full-time gig, and you like working in a creative, collaborative environment.

Address: Suite 2/25 Sale St Orange NSW
Call us: 0421 860 186