Join like-minded small business owners in a dynamic space that inspires productivity.


Located in the heart of Orange NSW, Co-Work Orange is designed with you in mind. Space to do your work. People to share ideas with. Tea to drink. Plenty of greenery to inspire bold thinking. And a stone’s throw from all the best eateries in town.


Do you feel like your sanctuary has become your prison?

As a small business owner, a freelancer or a remote worker, there’s only so much time you can handle at home on your own in your pjs. And if you spend all your hard-earned money supporting the local coffee shop just to get out of the house, you’re not the only one.

Just because you left the 9 to 5, doesn't mean you don't like people

Sure, it’s great to hang out with yourself occasionally. But not everyday. Join like-minded people, who are in the same boat as you. People who care about their work and enjoy being in an inspiring environment.

Get work done

At Co-Work Orange, you can free yourself from all the distractions of home (really, another load of washing?!), and stop spending your nights after the kids have gone to bed trying to beat that deadline. Sure, we like to have a chat over a cuppa, but in a space where work is the priority, you’ll find your productivity shoot through the roof. We have!

Why co-work Orange?

Options for everyone

From single day hot desking to long-term dedicated desk space, you get to work on your terms.

Great Facilities

We have all you need to get your work done. High-speed NBN for unlimited internet browsing, printing and scanning, sit down desks, stand up desks, a meeting room and a collaboration space. There’s plenty of tea and coffee in the kitchenette too.

Creative environment

Get your work done in a space that inspires creativity and where people genuinely support your success.

Central location

If you love good coffee and fresh, locally-sourced food, you’ll appreciate the easy walk to all of Orange’s best eateries. We certainly do!

Single Day


Come and go as you please with our single day hot desk option. If you keep finding yourself scanning social media, rearranging the furniture, or being constantly interrupted by family and friends dropping by, this provides the head space you need to actually get your work done. There’s no lock-in contracts and no fixed days.

Dedicated Desk


Let’s be honest. Working from home has its limitations. We know, because we’ve been there. And there’s only so so many times you can meet clients in your local cafe. A dedicated desk is the ideal option if your business is a full-time gig, and you like working in a creative, collaborative environment.

Address: Suite 2/25 Sale St Orange NSW
Call us: 0421 860 186